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Sometimes I give myself one of these titles, sometimes I feel like none of them, and sometimes I’m all of them at the same time. I graduated as an illustrator but I see myself more as an ‘observing image-maker.’ I inspire myself from my environment to create work. What I like the most is wandering around places I have never visited. I observe and study the surroundings: the lines of a building, the behaviour of people, colours of the nature, small things and hidden situations. That is often the foundation of my work. My work has a ‘documentary’ character, which is something I like to play with. Returning themes are: the daily reality, traveling, surroundings, actuality, contrast, cultures and habits.

Right now I am accepting new projects and collaborations. If you have question/notes about me or about a specific project feel free to contact me.
+31(0)6 144 679 47
Groningen _ the Netherlands